Moving on silently?

This is what happens when well established companies get complacent and stop working at being great. They take for granted that business will keep coming in, that customers will stay with them, that employees will (want) to do a good job.

Relationships whether personal or professional need working at. The moment you take relationships (or anything) for granted that’s when things start to fizzle out.


stop noticing,

stop listening,

stop thinking,

stop feeling,

stop doing.

With customer relationships when this happens and they stop feeling appreciated, you’re unlikely to hear a big “I’M LEAVING” or see it splashed all over the news headlines. Instead, they silently move on to a company who does notice them, listens to what they say (and don’t say), thinks about them, feels appreciative towards them and does things proactively to help them. So if you think that relationships are not related to results, then think again because relationships really do matter!

Support your people to notice.

Ask them what they notice and take their feedback seriously.

Together, as a team, seek out feedback and act on that feedback. Encourage your people to show they care. Help them see each customer as a unique person (no matter how many they talk to each day) Encourage them to think about how they would want their family to be treated and act appropriately. Make it personal. And they will enjoy their jobs so much more too.