Be more curious

Here’s why innovation isn’t working in your organisation.

What could it be like if innovation really was part of your organisation’s DNA? Large doesn’t always provide success in today’s disruptive world. The ability to innovate is the golden ticket in town. Big companies used to have a lifespan of 61 years, now it’s […]

Rse above

5 questions for leaders to help them do more with less.

Now more than ever we need everyone to get resourceful, to be able to do more with less.

Being the best role model

Why is it so important to be a great role model?

The vulnerability feel about their return to work places means that we need great role models to guide us and reduce friction.

Learning Entrepreneur

Become a Learning Entrepreneur

With L&D under immense pressure learn how to become a learning entrepreneur and bridge the credibility gap.

Turning values into hi-viz

No-one misses a person wearing a hi-viz jacket – they stand out and with them we feel secure. We know they are performing an important job; safely. Whatever that job is. Organisational values are just as important but they often end up gathering dust as […]

Relationships matter - A picture of coffee chats

Are you missing the coffee chats?

In conversations with many of our clients they are telling us they miss the coffee chats and feel it’s an opportunity lost. It might be those lightbulbs you have when you just explore something with someone over a coffee. Or the chance meeting that illuminates […]

Obsessed with stress? Your catch 22

If you didn’t know already, stress is a big deal; we’re obsessed. Finally, after years of stifling our emotions we can share how we feel, and yet, many of us still don’t. Welcome to the wellbeing revolution (that hasn’t quite finished revolving). Results of a […]

Shoot for the stars

Managers can often appear trigger happy; shooting from the hip and the consequences on relationships can be dire. Many of you will know I take inspiration from everything around me and this short blog is no exception. I have recently been reading several books about […]