disappointment is desired expectation minus actual outcome

Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointments are inevitable and the way we cope with them can be defining moments in our lives. In the past year, the mental health of our country has been under the spotlight. Periods of isolation have increased the sense of loneliness some feel and it […]

Turning values into hi-viz

No-one misses a person wearing a hi-viz jacket – they stand out and with them we feel secure. We know they are performing an important job; safely. Whatever that job is. Organisational values are just as important but they often end up gathering dust as […]

Does disappointment fill the void?

Your brand says ‘we care; we listen’ but the reality of your internal culture can be very different. Work is busy. People are focused. Contradictions exist between what we say and what we do and disappointment fills this gap. In this short blog we will explore: […]

Crave better relationships at work?

In our personal lives we work hard on our relationships. We want the best relationships with our partner, our families and our friends. So why doesn’t this always translate into work? The distractions we experience at work often get in the way. The pressure we […]

Moving on silently?

This is what happens when well established companies get complacent and stop working at being great. They take for granted that business will keep coming in, that customers will stay with them, that employees will (want) to do a good job. Relationships whether personal or […]