Being the best role model

Why is it so important to be a great role model?

The vulnerability feel about their return to work places means that we need great role models to guide us and reduce friction.

Relationships matter - A picture of coffee chats

Are you missing the coffee chats?

In conversations with many of our clients they are telling us they miss the coffee chats and feel it’s an opportunity lost. It might be those lightbulbs you have when you just explore something with someone over a coffee. Or the chance meeting that illuminates […]

Learning Entrepreneur

Become a Learning Entrepreneur

With L&D under immense pressure learn how to become a learning entrepreneur and bridge the credibility gap.

Show reel

How disruptive is your learning?

L&D has undergone major disruption since 2010 yet many organisations are still struggling to adapt and make the most of the opportunities that disruption provides. When you think about the learning you provide how well does it equip staff in your organisation to respond quickly […]