What if the customer facing team really cared about each customer?

In companies with big customer-facing teams, the quality of customer interaction is mission critical. We have helped organisations with the entire employee journey from onboarding to succession planning and turning 'stop gap' jobs into credible careers. In doing so customer loyalty improves by transforming both speed and quality of service for your customers.

“The engagement project paid for itself by just 30% of the increased cash collected in the first 4 weeks!"

Ryan Sadler, Customer Service L&D Manager, Scottish & Southern Energy

If you feel like:

  • You rely on external motivators to keep up service levels
  • Staff adhere to process but show less concern for customer satisfaction than you’d like
  • Staff find it tough keeping up to date with product innovation or new systems/processes

Then give us a call to find out more about how we can help on +44 (0)151 203 0002.


of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. (Oracle)


of customers have left a company because of a bad customer service experience. (Zendesk)