Being the best role model

Why is it so important to be a great role model?

More than ever before we need role models. Some people feel incredibly vulnerable about the return to workplaces whilst others don’t really know what all the fuss is about. This can lead to real challenges with managing relationships and it is vital that managers step up and are prepared to manage the friction, productively.

One way to do that is by making a choice to be the best role model you can be.

In this short video interview with one of a wonderful clients, Raj Jani, VP of Learning, Development, Diversity and Inclusion at Ralph Lauren he shares his view of what being a great role model is all about and why it’s important.

By being a great role model, you are building trust from your team which will help you tackle any friction more easily.

Here’s our six quick tips to being a great role model


Demonstrate hard work towards goals and the organisation’s success. Be persistent and pitch in where you need to help overcome challenges and get momentum behind actions. Show you don’t mind what the job is, you will get it done. This helps eradicate the ‘entitlement’ mentality that some people show at work.

Here’s some additional ideas to help you get focused.


Trust is earned. Show your team that you can be trusted by always being fair, honest, and consistent. Don’t engage in gossip, and don’t tolerate it within your staff. Your team need to know you have their backs, and you should take every opportunity you can to prove it. This is an ideal time to demonstrate that you’ve got this and if you do it will pay dividends in the long run.

Building trust is about the way you engage with your team so here are four activities to help you engage with them.


Role models take responsibility for their actions and inspire others to do the same. If you make a mistake, admit it and let the team know how you plan to correct the situation. Never blame others or make excuses.

This action/impact grid will help you focus on tackling the right things at the right time.


Recognise individual and team achievements. Celebrate success. Respect is paramount in every situation, and is especially important during situations when you have to correct behaviour.

Helping everyone have a voice can be a tough ask in teams so here are some idea to liven up meetings and gain great engagement.

Positive mindset

Business is unpredictable. As a manager, you need to be prepared to deal with high stress situations. Your team will be watching closely as you handle challenges. If you overreact or get easily overwhelmed, your staff will be inclined to do the same. Model the positive behaviour you expect from your staff.

These tips will help you unleash your genius to support others.

Live the values

Help people reconnect with the culture and values through your actions. Make sure all your actions align to the values and encourage your team to do the same. This will help alleviate any feelings of dislocation that people might have and help them reconnect to the purpose of the organisation.

Here’s a useful guide to help you

So before you move on to the next thing you need to do, take 5 minutes to think about how you can step up, even stronger to be a great role model.

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Right now you are clear on how you want to be best role model you can be – go do it and enjoy your success!.