What if your people were inspired, confident and driven to succeed?

Today’s learning professionals are not just deliverers of face to face learning but increasingly they need to be trusted partners who can help managers and staff alike navigate through diverse options and support a continued development in everyone, all the time. They are not just providers but also curators, maximsers, guides, champions and challengers . They face a fluid backdrop and need to be flexible and commercial to ensure that every contribution is valid and valued.

“Genius Learning brought with them a wealth of experience in L&D development which we all really valued. We now perform with significantly greater commercial acumen and credibility.”

Paul Forsyth, Operational L&D Manager, Eon

If you feel like:

  • Your team are struggling to keep up with demand
  • Are more like order takers than consultants
  • Do a good job but you’d like them to be more creative and seek out innovative ways to provide learning

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of CEO's still don't see the business impact of L&D (LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report)



of learners apply the skills from training to their job (24x7 Learning)