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Stop your leaders from falling into the trap of process rigidity and tick box exercises and help them lead with purpose and compassion so you secure the results you need.

Results Revolve
Around Relationships...

... and that of your leaders with their teams is key to success.

Work is increasing in complexity and managers are expected to just ‘step up’. When this doesn’t happen organisations introduce new processes or initiatives to support them that, infact, often just get in the way. Frustration builds at the lack of agility and progress and micro-management becomes the default position. This adds to the complexity of work and confusion for staff at all levels.


We instinctively ‘get this’ and through our unique method of layering learning we have developed  ‘Licence to Lead’ to provide a practical leadership pathway to:

  • Strip out complexity

  • Ensure managers focus on what really is important in their OWN role

  • And provide simple tools and guidelines to help leaders perform with clarity and inspiration.

These three elements are at the heart of this programme






The Business




In a nutshell

‘Licence to Lead’ is your leaders' step by step blueprint to build a resourceful mindset, eliminate unresourceful habits and elevate their success.

This 4 week programme will give you...

  • 4 hours of video content to watch in your own time, at your own pace

  • 24 video lessons

  • 24 practical exercises

  • A diverse, yet like-minded community of learners supporting, challenging and championing each other

  • Weekly group coaching sessions

  • Certificate of completion

  • Plus 3 surprise bonuses

What you'll learn inside this programme

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