What if managers really put their people first?

Complexity, technology and the sheer ‘busyness’ of work have impacted relationships and eroded trust. Management by numbers prevails. The human touch that inspires the extraordinary needs to be re-ignited.

"The Genius team has the skill and experience to inspire, motivate and transform your way of thinking."

Giuseppe Perrella, Director Emerging Markets, Ralph Lauren

If you feel like your managers:

  • Are stuck in a loop of busyness and not moving things forward
  • They find balancing priorities a challenge
  • Are missing the link between strategy and execution

and your people:

  • Are lost in the details
  • Don’t seem as happy or turned on as you’d like them to be
  • Frankly could do better

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UK businesses lose an average of two hours of their employees’ working time every working day through inefficiencies (Workfront)


of UK employees say they don't feel in sync with their organisation's goals.