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We inspire people to be better every day in work, together. We believe today's niggles and tomorrow's big challenges can and will be solved when we remove ego and get our heads together.

What are your priorities?

Are you confused about where your big hitters and quick wins are? If so why not take our quick assessment to help you sort your thinking?

Or maybe you are crystal clear and don’t want to waste time. In which case, look at your preference:

We provide immersive learning to get people to think, smile, ponder, chat, move and groove. Then they go back to work with a shift of perspective, a sharper focus, and the inspiration to change. Then using our 8 week deliberate practice programme we provide weekly micro-learning that ensures learning is put to work, easily.

At Genius we put learning to work!

Learning is applied when...

Learners become curious

Learners need to want to learn before any change can be expected

Learners are motivated to change

Motivation comes from engaging in an immersive experience that excites, challenges and shows the possibilities

Learners express goals that inspire them

Goals keep learners focused on the prize and creates a game plan for achievement.

Learners commit to deliberate practice

Micro-learning challenges over 8 weeks to provide momentum and build resourceful habits.