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These are just two of the many questions for which we have been searching for answers.


Our questioning approach guided our analysis and led us to discover the keys to accountability and making the right things happen. 

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What is it that makes some people successful, while others can’t get traction with their ideas, their customers, or their organisations—no matter how hard they try?

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Why is it that some organisations are full of contradictions and seem to make things that are, in fact, quite simple, so complicated?

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For over 25 years, Inspire Your Genius has been providing innovative learning to drive impact.


Our approach is brimming with energy, colour and challenge.


Our mission is to provide clarity in a world of contradictions.

Caroline and Wendy have been at the forefront of learning for the past 25 years, and together with the team, their unique style has enthused audiences around the world with their innovative perspective challenging the conventional wisdom of leadership and peak performance.  

Based on a mix of modern psychology and their own vast wealth of experience, our team offers you a breakthrough system for rethinking how to unlock high-performance and rocket fuel success.

Our learning cuts through the noise and makes people think, smile, ponder, chat, move and groove... then your people will go back to work with

  • A shift of perspective,

  • A sharper focus or

  • The inspiration to change the way they work.

Photo of Caroline Esterson, Director of Inspire Your Genius

Caroline Esterson

Wendy Gannaway

Photo of Wendy Gannaway, Director of Inspire Your Genius
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