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Chief Performance Officer

Chief Creative Officer

If we granted you three wishes

We’d wish that people made a positive choice to live their best lives, that they looked for the positive intent behind others' behaviours and took a deep breath before reacting.


We believe that success (however you choose to define it for you) first starts with choice.

People have them all the time. They make them many times a day but are they consciously making the right ones to ensure they add value with every little step?


We are driven by the desire to to strip out complexity and help people focus on their strengths, understanding others and the simple things that help them find joy in their work and lives.

What would you wish for?

Learning to say 'yes and a thousand little missteps

Just like most people who have the drive to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone, our journey wasn't all plain sailing. It was through these whoopsies that we learnt and grew. We now wear the t-shirts with pride, embrace our battle scars as we are living to tell the tale.

The three key lessons we have learnt along our 25+ year journey are:

1. When you can find the fun in what you do 

    work ceases to be hard

2. Everyone - even the most cynical, hard-

    nosed ones (you know the kind) have huge

    potential just waiting to be unleashed.

3. Anyone who can make things simple for

    others in this crazy, chaotic world in which

    we work is worth their weight in gold.

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Numbers snapshot


We met when working at an Insurance company over 30 years ago! And bonded over our love of bright pink amongst a sea of grey suits.

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Between us, we play the viola, french horn and recorder. We run, hike, play badminton, ski, garden and bake. One of us loves the sun; the other the snow. We get a kick out of entertaining. We write short stories, draw, photograph, go to gigs and are just as capable of kicking back and binge-watching Netflix.



No one operates in splendid isolation 100% of the time. At some point, you have to interact with someone somewhere either in person, virtually or in writing. We help people rock those relationships.

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We’re not perfect, instead we describe ourselves as ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ which helps keep us grounded and constantly evolving so that you get the best results possible.

All these companies hold a common goal:
To build capability to drive performance.

Why do  relationships amplify results?

Together with our incredible team, we are here to help you flourish.