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We met when working at an Insurance company over 30 years ago! And bonded over our love of bright pink amongst a sea of grey suits.

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No one operates in splendid isolation 100% of the time. At some point, you have to interact with someone somewhere either in person, virtually or in writing. We help people rock those relationships.

different industry sectors

Between us, we play the viola, french horn and recorder. We run, hike, play badminton, ski, garden and bake. One of us loves the sun; the other the snow. We get a kick out of entertaining. We write short stories, draw, photograph, go to gigs and are just as capable of kicking back and binge-watching Netflix.





different nationalities

We’re not perfect, instead we describe ourselves as ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ which helps keep us grounded and constantly evolving so that you get the best results possible.

All these companies hold a common goal:
To build capability to drive performance.

Our Story
Learning to say 'yes and a thousand little missteps

Just like most people who have the drive to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone, our career development journey wasn't all plain sailing. It was through these whoopsies that we learnt and grew. We now wear the t-shirts with pride, embrace our battle scars as we are living to tell the tale.​

How we went from corporate first jobbers to working with some of the biggest household names around the globe.

Work, in the early years was frustrating for both of us. Armed with an insatiable appetite for self-development and achievement, we knew we had more to offer (and more to learn) but the opportunities were sometimes slow in the making. There were many times we felt we weren’t taken seriously enough (we were too young) but through it we learnt, adjusted and grew.

We both found ourselves at the same grey suited finance company dressed in fuchsia ... to say we stood out is an understatement, but we instantly saw we were two peas from the same pod. And that was the start of a wonderful relationship. Here, we challenged and encouraged each other. Although we went down separate paths two years later, we were never very far away.

One thing that drove us was curiosity and this still drives us now. Always questioning, always challenging, always reflecting. This resulted in us joining forces to set up Inspire Your Genius, an innovative consultancy specialising in driving results by supporting people to flourish. During this time, we have worked with thousands of people, at all levels, across the globe in hundreds of different companies.

"Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will"

James Stephens


As curious people we seek out connections and similarities and this led us to identify seven core traits of really successful people who have not only earned the ‘title’ but most importantly (for long term results) the respect and trust of those around them.

We now pinch ourselves when we look at our client list, many of whom have been with us for a decade or more. The key to our success - RELATIONSHIPS. We pride ourselves on seeking to really understand our clients, their organisations and every single person we work with. We see our relationships as partnerships - we help them learn and more importantly apply their learning and through this we also grow so we are able to offer even more. We simply LOVE our work.

The traits we have identified are the foundation of Bee Strategy where we support individuals to:

  • Believe in themselves and their abilities

  • Eliminate unresourceful habits &

  • Elevate their success


So whether you are looking to improve your leadership capabilities, your front line teams or your L&D professionals, we can’t wait to support you too.

Life is simple but we make it complicated

Want to create greater focus and master your productivity?

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Your FREE 3 step process to stop going through the motions and start to deliver exceptional results.

Together with our incredible team, we are here to help you flourish.

What we

Genius is within

We unlock it through setting high expectations, clear focus and positive guidance.


In today’s increasingly complex world we model simplicity so people ‘get it’ quickly and can focus on what really matters; results

Small actions, big change

We support people to take everyday actions that lead to great change; on purpose with organisational goals.


We believe strong, open relationships are at the heart of powerful contribution, engagement and innovation.

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