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Getting results is about moving from knowing to doing.

It’s about helping people trust their ability to make good things happen.

It's about building


client open circle

BUT, instead of it just

being a BIG word,

imagine if it did have

a BIG impact.

Where it's less of an obligation

and more met with

enthusiasm. Would that

be good?

A big word with little impact unless you do it right!

The Problem

We expect people to be accountable - that's the nub of it, and you get frustrated when they aren't, leading to essential activities falling through the cracks and resulting in frustrations (which could be costly!)

But, like this video, your people are crazy busy with a million thoughts running through their heads and even more tasks on their to-do lists.

The Solution

Set up a culture of success. Simple, right?

We know, we know you have already tried that.

So did we! And then suddenly, it struck us like a lightning bolt - there is a surprisingly simple (and effective) way to do it and do it so well that your people will enjoy it and thrive... and so will your organisation.

client workshop
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...they are leaders in their field...

Inspire Your Genius has a unique knack for providing powerful learning experiences in interesting ways that challenge, excite and ignite creative sparks in learners.


They are leaders in their field. Their purpose shines through in every email, call, session or meeting (virtual or otherwise!) – they are energisers and they’re shakers, they are challengers and cheerleaders. They are people champions and impact creators.


If you have a tricky issue to unpick or want to elevate from good to great, I wholeheartedly recommend Inspire Your Genius.


James Gilfoyle,

Associate Director Organisational Development.

The Numbers


industry sectors

All of these organisations have a common goal:

To harness their impact and value.

the number of organisations we've worked with




the number of people we've training




the number of different industry sectors we've worked in



industry sectors

the number of nationalities we've trained

different nationalities


We have supported people across the globe to increase their impact.

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