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A cat peeping around a corner to demonstrate curiosity


Young girl with old record player

Curiosity has always been important to me. I need to understand things. I remember sitting at our old family stereo, age 9, repeatedly putting the needle on and off the record. I was purple with frustration. I couldn't 'see' how the neede made the sound. It drove my mum insane, my sisters were screaming at me, but I could not stop. My dad eventually came home from work. He drew diagrams, did experiments, and talked me through it, but I still couldn't see it. I still can't - fortunately, I have finally accepted that there are some things in life that I love but will never understand, and I'm OK with that.

Our working world requires growth, change, and agility. Being curious is at the heart of these. So, it stands to reason that if we bring more curiosity to work, our ability to thrive (even when things are tough) will increase. Here are 5 THINGS you can do right now to help you develop your CURIOSITY, even when the going gets tough. 1. Ask more questions The right questions can blow your mind - you open up a conversation into something that has lightbulbs blasting and a fanfare of trumpets. This takes practice, so you can start right now by simply asking more questions and seeing where this takes you. 2. Extend your network Talk to people; new people, old people, young people, people in a queue or on a train. Anywhere. You never know where that conversation might go; open yourself up to new people rather than sit on your phone with headphones. 3. Walk + Take time to smell the roses OK, two in one here. In rushing from one place (or thing) to the next, we miss out on the connections around us. By giving yourself the space to breathe, you open up your mind to make vital connections from the clues presented to you. AND science tells us there is a link between physical exercise and getting your creative juices flowing. Walking stimulates all the senses, helping to trigger curiosity and building your brain into a well-oiled machine. 4. Build reflection time into daily habits Reflecting on your day - what went well, what maybe didn't and what you learnt helps heighten your understanding, stimulates your brain's curiosity and helps you improve your choices the next day! 5. Embrace your opposite We all have strong feelings about things. We get vested, but sometimes we must explore ideas fully. Understanding an issue from both sides is key to becoming a critical thinker. So next time you get vested, challenge yourself fully to explore the opposite and see what you come up with. Enjoy playing with these and let me know which ones are part of your daily practice right now in the comments below. 👇 #curiosity #agility #performance


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