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Are you happy with your status quo?

Business is facing huge challenges, and the natural reaction is to hunker down, get even busier and hope it's all going to be OK. By doing this, you are focusing on only one aspect of success - the delivery of results. We have developed a Behavioural Wheel to quickly remind you of the four key behaviours that drive success and DELIVER is just one of them!

Over the 30 years we've been working in business, supporting thousands of people in hundreds of organisations around the world, we have been busy observing, exploring and challenging. We've coached and trained leaders at all levels and have noticed some commonalities between those who are brilliant, and these are reflected in this wheel. In essence, it's all about their mindset and how they approach their work.

Let me take you on a whistle-stop tour around it and, in doing so, ask a few questions to get you thinking.

Are you ready?


This is the foundation - pinpointing trends, needs and readiness. Unless you do this, you will find yourself saying yes to things you really shouldn't be doing and miss out on big-hitting opportunities that will really make a difference. Pinpointing is about being able to spot the right opportunities for you to spend your time and effort on.


  1. How well do you really understand the organisation's strategy and goals?

  2. Can you explain how well your work adds value towards these goals?


So many working relationships seem to be a series of transactions; not really real relationships. Successful people nurture their relationships, engage fully, and are eager to support others. But it's more than that. Connect is about connecting ideas, resources and people so that people grow and ideas flourish.


  1. How effective is your network (inside and outside) of your organisation to help you develop ideas and create value?

  2. Are you a trusted, valued partner in your business?


This dimension is all about influence. In today's busy world, unless you tell your story, no one else will - they simply don't have the time. So, when you always have an eye on the value of your work, you need to share it and create a buzz. In essence, you become a role model for focus and positivity.


  1. Do people look to you as a role model?

  2. How effective are you at 'selling' your ideas to others?


Finally, deliver is all about ensuring that whatever you do leads to exceptional performance. Tasks are not just something you have to get through; they are vital components to achieving results. So, whether you are signing off holiday time, having a one-to-one or holding a meeting, you are focused on ensuring high value for everyone involved.


  1. Are you agile, versatile and responsive to the ever-changing landscape in which you work?

  2. How certain are you that your work delivers commercial value?

New course: Becoming a Learning Entrepreneur

We have launched this behavioural wheel in an exciting new online programme for L&D professionals. It's designed to bring greater rigour to your work and, at the same time, encourage your commercial creativity so that L&D can do more with less (a common theme right now!) and add greater value to the organisation and people. And its sophisticatedly simple design streamlines the learning process and drives action.

This is a real game changer and is ideal for any L&D professional who is committed to a career within the corporate world or is considering starting their own brand.

Better still, it's loaded with exciting bonuses AND it's HALF PRICE UNTIL 31ST DECEMBER. So pop along and take a look.

We will be launching the Leader's programme early in 2024.

One more thing

Make sure you schedule time for Resourceful Reflection - every day, each week. Why not set it up as a meeting with yourself? This might just be the most impactful habit change you can make to help you move forward.


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