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The Art of Persuasion: Spice Up Your Communication

A spice market

"As companies have become increasingly ravenous for the latest management fad, they have also become less discerning...A century of management fads has created workplaces that are full of empty words and equally empty rituals.

We have to live with the consequences of this history every day.

Consider a meeting I recently attended. During the course of an hour, I recorded 64 different nuggets of corporate claptrap. They included familiar favourites such as “doing a deep dive”, “reaching out”, and “thought leadership”. There were also some new ones I hadn’t heard before: people with “protected characteristics” (anyone who wasn’t a white straight guy), “the aha effect” (realising something), “getting our friends in the tent” (getting support from others)."

It's time to banish this corporate claptrap from your vocabulary and say what you really mean in a way that inspires others into action.

In the bustling world of business, communication isn't just about sharing facts and figures—it's about stirring excitement, sparking action, and making things happen.

Imagine if you had a magic wand that could transform your words into magnets for enthusiasm. Well, you do! It's the art of adapting your language, and it's your key to inspiring people to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Let's dive into why adding a dash of fun and versatility to your business language is like adding yummy chocolate sauce and then sprinkles on top of your ice cream:

1. Persuasive partnerships

Think of your language as a conversational dance. By tuning into your audience's rhythm and mirroring their style, you create an instant connection. It's like two puzzle pieces snapping together, making your message resonate more deeply.

2. Talk the Talk

In the world of business, clarity is your trusty sidekick. Using jargon-free, plain language ensures your message hits the mark. It's like speaking a universal language that everyone understands, simplifying complex ideas for smoother conversations.

3. Spark to the flame

Business is all about action, and your words are the catalyst. They are either the dull, muddy waters that serve up a damp squib, or they are the spark that ignites the fire. There is no neutral. They add or detract. Simple. By serving up language that speaks to your audience's ambitions and desires, you're more likely to inspire them to say, "I'm in!" It's like offering a plate of steaming hot spag bol on a wet and windy day (or oozy, gooey cauliflower cheese if you're a veggi)...very hard to resist.

4. Defusing Resistance

Resistance is a tough nut to crack. It's that impenetrable walnut with the crinkly outer shell that if you don't manage to prize it open on its hinge, you end up with a mangled mess of shell and nut you end up throwing in the bin anyway. Adapting your language can be your state-of-the-art nutcracker and you don't even need to turn the screw. By empathising with concerns and addressing them head-on, you can turn resistance into curiosity.

5. The Art of Persuasion is an emotional connection

Words are like emotional paintbrushes. The right ones can create a masterpiece of enthusiasm, trust, and excitement. By choosing your words carefully, you can paint a picture that your audience can't resist stepping into.

6. The Chameleon Approach

Different situations require different outfits, right? Well, the same goes for your language. Whether you're suiting up for a formal presentation, having a cozy chat, or sending an email, tailoring your language to fit the occasion is like donning the perfect attire—it just feels right.

So, let's wrap it up with a bow! The Art of Persuasion is about adapting your language in business. Itpe isn't about being a shape-shifter or a magician. It's about adding a pinch of fun and adaptability to your communication. It's about thinking about your audience's needs and flexing that communication muscle to meet that need. When you do, you'll create a delightful environment where people can't help but want to take action as a result of your irresistible communication. So go ahead, sprinkle some fun into your words and watch the magic happen!


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