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When keeping promises push your boundaries!

Person in scuba gear to demonstrate deep dive

When I say I WILL do something, I make every effort to make sure I do it!

Even if it means searching through my 'badly in need of a clear out' garage...

...taking my life into my hands searching through a mass of cobwebs 🕸😨

...finding my snorkelling gear that wasn't bagged up properly & where a lot of creepy crawlies had made home🕷🪳🐜

...then putting it on WITHOUT washing it (I know, mad!)

...so that my husband could photograph 📸 & film 🎥 me before it started raining 🌧

...so that I could share it with my partner in crime Caroline Esterson as an experiment for something!

As committed as I am, I drew the line at being filmed like this in public by a pond in a nearby park😳 (I'd be mentioned, not in a good way, in all the local community forums😳😳)

So the bird bath in my garden was as near to water as I was gonna get. (Hopefully none of my neighbours were looking out of their windows!🫣🤞)

Sometimes we say we will do something that seems like a good idea at the time, but when it comes to actually doing it...reality kicks in & we wish we hadn't😬

When that happens, it's easy to back out, or find an excuse to not do it.

Believe me, when I saw those big spiders 🕷 eyeballing me👀 in my garage, I was severely tempted to not do it!

When our actions 🎬 and in-actions have an impact on a project & others is when we have to dig deep, do the best we can & get on with it.

Now, if there was a snake 🐍 in my garage, that would've been an entirely different story!😱 In which case I'd have had to take responsibility, explain & ask Caroline to forgive me.

What have you agreed to do & wished you hadn't? (And, did you do it??🙂🙃)


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