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What's missing?

Why is it that so many initiatives don’t take off or projects fail to be implemented with the desired outcomes of their original goals?

One company might introduce a multi-million pound IT project with great applause…

  • “It’s just what we need”

  • “At last”

  • “This will make our lives so much simpler”

Yet 3 years on the project falls by the wayside

Or a new performance management system, not even a new one, just ‘changed’ is introduced late in the cycle.

  • “It’s only a little change”

  • “Imagine the aspiration of securing the top grading”

Yet it is faced with challenge and blockages from the very managers who need to implement it.

And what about the ideas from the floor that could transform the way organisations operate or dramatically improve the value for customers yet they fail to get traction?

You expect this.....

But what you really get this...

Why? What's missing?

Organisations focus their time and energy on the PROCESS, leaving people – their needs, challenges, aspirations and questions not fully explored as part of that process. Yes, you may do user testing and get project groups together but when organisations come to implement, within the entire population, the rest is left to chance.

If you have great leaders they will step in.

  • They will plan their communication and engage.

  • They will paint the positive picture and

  • Encourage people to explore and challenge to aid their understanding.

But all too often this doesn’t happen.

Everyone is busy, so, when a slide deck is sent to managers they simply present the slide deck. That is what they have been asked to do. And when the focus of that slide deck is the implementation plan or the process that needs to be followed, then it’s just possible all hell will break loose!

This is Contradiction No. 3 that we see regularly in organisations. Even just since the start of the year we have seen this challenge in several companies we know of. If this is in yours then you might like to look at some other challenges we see happen. Click on the link below to find out more.

And, we will be sharing ideas for helping you combat this over the coming few weeks.

For now, have a think, does this ever happen where you are? How well do you as a leader plan your communication to gain commitment?


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